Who We Are

Himaal is a social enterprise, which stands for the work of fair trade and handmade Nepali products with the philosophy of empowering people. Himaal believes in treating the workers fairly and with dignity no matter their gender, caste, origin or social status. The aim is to give the artisans of Himaal an opportunity to stabilize their income and social security for themselves and their families.

I like to offer opportunities to other people to get educated and live their passion for culture and craft.

Purna Bahadur Gurung, Founder

Our Vision

Himaal stands for empowering people by giving them good job opportunities with fair salaries and working conditions.

This enables them to get out of the discriminating structures and to give financial and social security for themselves and their families.

Himaal wants to give everyone a fair chance.

In addition to give the workers fair salaries, we provide them free skill and English training.

Himaal has defined 6 building blocks to ensure our fair trade.

Our Working Areas

The headoffice is situated in Pokhara where we have the weaving production, the shop and the office under one roof. This enables us to communicate easily and work all together hand in hand. By cooperating so close and implementing feedbacks we can provide good quality for our products. 

The epicenter of the earthquake on the 25th April 2015, was in the district of Gorkha, which destroyed working and living opportunities. Many were left homeless, villages were flattened and many even lost their lives. Himaal was one the first one to bring relief material to Gairichhap and Lamagaun (read more about this here). As some of the management team are from Gorkha we experienced a high demand of people seeking jobs from us. We then decided to expand our project to Gurkha and formed a knitting group.

Our Team